Our Christmas Cottage 2014

 I just about missed the fun!
Can you believe....
all this decorating that we do, and....
Yeah, its late but I really want to show you!

Come on in..

I  tried my hand at a paper wreath! So much fun and 
I love the warmth they add to a room.

Did you see that?
I was given this large galvanized tub...
my tree stand fit perfectly inside it!

I don't want to hide the tub with presents...
so they are at a minimum for now.  :)

Our shelves got some twinkle lights.
I like to put them on a timer so
I can just leave them to do their thing...

Our dining room table...

Our 2014 Santa...

Thanks for stopping by!

We Wish you a Wonderful Holiday!
We hope you get to have some
special moments to cherish for always.

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  1. Very beautiful! The tub was a great gift. xoxo

    1. Thank you! I did a little dance when the tree stand fit :)

  2. Happy New Year Abby....wishing you all the best for 2015! Hope to see you the next time you are visiting in Victoria. Ü

    1. I CaNT wait to visit your store again! I was drooling over your last post!!